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Still your community theater. Now, with more to offer.

The Magic Lantern 4-H Innovation Lab and Learning Center is a creative hub of activity with a focus on youth aspirational programs in literacy and the arts, math, design, and engineering, as well as local food systems. These program areas lend themselves well to cross-discipline learning, creative thinking, and problem-solving. The goal is to preserve the theater while utilizing the non-profit revenue-generating operations to fund local youth education. The project runs through a local collaboration between the Maine 4-H Foundation and the University of Maine Cooperative Extension in partnership with a local community board.

Our Innovation Center’s

programs will reach an estimated 4,000 to 5,000 youth annually.


4-H professional staff and visiting educators will work in areas including, but not limited to, creative writing, play writing, film production, advertising copy, broadcasting, illustration and production. The visual and performing arts encourage children to think creatively and explore cross discipline education.


Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Math. Programs include design challenges such as the 4-H solar car competition, the off-shore wind power challenge, solar boat challenge, the bridge design challenge, and engineering design and product invention work.


The local whole foods initiative will include the opportunity for culinary arts students to work with the restaurant and dine-in theater. Emphasis in this area will be on local foods preparation and preservation, nutrition, as well as small business operations and management.

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Box office: 207-647-9326


 9 Depot Street   Bridgton, ME 04009